Announcing Acquia’s Learn, Try, Sell Partner Enablement Program

Announcing Acquia’s Learn, Try, Sell Partner Enablement Program

For members of Acquia’s partner program, Acquia is launching a significant effort to ensure our partners are fully enabled. There are three-parts to this program:

  • Learn by attending this webinar and receiving product training.
  • Try through a custom Acquia free trial experience. Once you’re done – you get a digital badge for marketing purposes.
  • Sell when you’ve completed the Learn & Try stages, and for each partner level you’ll receive Acquia marketing benefits to drive leads and help sell.

Starting with this webinar as the first part of the program, partners will be taken through:

  • Detailed Acquia Network and Acquia Cloud product training
  • A review of the partner portal and where they can locate additional resources
  • An overview of the Trial phase and how the program works.

This webinar is intended for current and prospective Acquia partners only, and those who attend this event who are current partners will have successfully completed the "Learn" phase.

There will be an ongoing educational program, but the initial time investment is brief. Just 1 hour for this webinar, 2 hours for the trial – and you’re off! We hope you’ll take the time to complete this program so we can continue to rapidly grow our Drupal businesses together.