Alfresco and Drupal: Options for Interoperability

Interoperability between Alfresco and Drupal allows developers to build sites that take advantage of the complimentary strengths of both systems. It's for this very reason that Alfresco chose to integrate Drupal and Alfresco Share when developing their global partner portal.

There are a number of different ways to integrate the two platforms. Some of the decision points that need to be considered are: push vs pull, CMIS vs custom webscripts and when to align the users between Alfresco and Drupal instances.

Join Ian Norton from Alfresco to explore various patterns of integration and the use cases they are best suited for.

Attend this webinar and ...

  • Learn how you can manage and collaborate on documents in Alfresco and include folders and files directly into Drupal pages without the overhead of updating web pages whenever the document changes.
  • Explore the different approaches used for integration and the decisions the Alfresco team made when building the Alfresco Partners site using Drupal.

About the presenter

Ian Norton has been working in web content management since graduating in 2004, initially building bespoke tools for a small dotcom startup. He quickly moved on to delivering solutions for Leicestershire County Council and British Telecom using Open Text LiveLink WCM.

Since departing the dark and cruel world of proprietary content management systems he’s found a new love for life using Alfresco, Joomla, and Drupal. Most recently he’s been working on the CMIS integration between Alfresco and Drupal for the Alfresco Partners site and the forthcoming redesign of

In his spare time Ian enjoys discussing technology, the web and content management over a good ale and a pie.