Adding Video to the Marketing Mix: Integrating Brightcove with Drupal or PaperThin

Adding Video to the Marketing Mix: Integrating Brightcove with Drupal or PaperThin

Content marketing is quickly becoming the focal point of many communications strategies, helping marketers to build their brand, increase social interactions and grow their business. Video is fast emerging as one of the most prominent forms of content marketing, making it easier for organizations to increase conversions through deeply engaging customer experiences. As media publishers and marketers work to expand the role of video in their content mix, it has become increasingly important to be able to manage and optimize the video experiences they are delivering.

By bringing video in to the same environment used for other types of marketing content, marketers can draw on the full range of content management system (CMS) functionality and integrate video more effectively into workflows, analytics and content experiences throughout their website.

Join us as we discuss the growing role of video in content marketing and the benefits of integrating video with your CMS. We will also provide a demonstration of the deep integrations that connect the Brightcove Video Cloud online video platform to the Drupal CMS and the Video Cloud integration with the PaperThin CommonSpot.

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  • The rising importance of content marketing and video
  • Challenges in managing video alongside other types of content
  • Benefits of integrating online video into CMS, including improved workflow, enhanced functionality, unified analytics, cross-content search, and granular control over user permissions
  • Firsthand demonstrations of the tight integration between Brightcove Video Cloud and Drupal and Video Cloud and PaperThin CommonSpot.