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Unify data and content to deliver personalized experiences across multiple channels — built and optimized for Drupal.

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Smooth Personalization

An Intuitive Experience

With an easy-to-use no-code interface, anyone can design compelling, individually-optimized experiences that delight your customers.

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Tailor Your Content To Your Audience

Know Your Customer Base

  • A/B test to identify best content for the proper audience
  • Segment users into targeted groups from defined rules 
  • View a comprehensive, 360-degree customer profile


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Build Meaningful Content

  • Automatically personalize content in the correct language
  • Coordinate personalization efforts across channels
  • Seamlessly adjust experiences for every individual, on the fly

Integrate With Drupal Cloud


  • Empower business users with low-code site building with Acquia Site Studio
  • Build and manage multi-site experiences at scale Acquia Site Factory
  • Enable teams to find what they need with organized assets via Acquia DAM


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Show Your Users What They Want

  • Targeted campaigns personalize your site’s content for specific visitor segments
  • A/B testing allows you to test variations of your website 
  • Simple campaigns create dynamic personalized experiences based on criteria you set

Understand Your Customers

Use machine learning to understand and predict customers’ next steps to deliver the right content for the buyer journey stage. Level up your segmentation strategy with advanced modeling to identify key customer segments.

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Acquia Named a Leader in Digital Experience by G2

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Endless Capabilities for Your Team

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Multisite Deployment

Create compelling content, collect data, and optimize within a single interface for all your digital properties.

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Multilingual Personalization

Automatically personalizes content into the correct language so your visitors have a customized experience no matter where they are across the globe.

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Unified Analytics

Powered by Acquia CDP's best of breed analytics engine, gain insights into key KPIs, campaign performance, and customer segment analysis.

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Target and Test

Real-time adaptive targeting refines segments while A/B keeps audiences engaged with content that resonates.

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Real-Time Analytics

A single place to view key metrics, personalization campaigns, web segments, popular web content and more.

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Built for Drupal

Drupal integration results in richer data collection and simpler content creation for personalization.

Case Studies

Personalization in Action

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increase in conversion rate

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increase in organic traffic

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number of mqls sent to sales

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Build Customer Trust

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Be Transparent

You know your relationship is solid when your customers trust you. To do that, you need to be open and honest at every stage.

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Respect Their Privacy

Place privacy at the center of all personalization efforts by breaking down data silos and ensuring your teams use the right data for the right purpose.

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Get Customer Input

Learn more about your customers through zero-party data by creating opportunities for them to share their preferences—and feel heard.

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Personalize With Purpose

Meet and exceed customer expectations through their profiles, preferences, and history while giving each user control of their own data.

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Acquia CDP

Sift through data quickly to generate real, concrete insights that help you connect with customers.

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Acquia DAM

The Widen Collective® has a new name but it’s still the same powerful, standalone SaaS DAM tool that our customers know and love.

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Site Studio

Change the way you build and enhance sites. Low-code expedites development timelines and empowers business users.

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Site Factory

Build and manage multi-site experiences at scale.


Take a Deeper Dive

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Discover E-Books, Data Sheets, & more.

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How Personalization Combats Uncertainty in the Customer Journey


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Simplifying Website Personalization


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Clickthrough rates skyrocketed from 3.8% to 14.1% with Personalization.

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