Acquia Search: Help Your Visitors Find Relevant Site Content Faster

Powerful site search to help users find relevant content and discover what is most important.

Highlighted Features

Search as a Service

Acquia Search is a plug-and-play service that lets you deliver great search functionality in minutes.

Faster Searches

Users can find what they’re looking for faster than using Drupal’s built-in search. Acquia Search has delivered searches with a 60 to 500 percent improvement in response time.

High Availability

Acquia’s search infrastructure of Solr servers, coupled with Ngnix load balancers in a round-robin configuration, ensure consistent availability of your website’s search index.

Result Filtering and Weighting

Use facets to filter search results, and the content of your choice appears higher in search results, shaping your users’ website experience.

Content Recommendations

You have the ability to suggest similar or related content to visitors, which can increase their time on your website.

Multi-Entity and Attachment Searches

Search multiple types of content – not just content nodes, but also users, taxonomy terms, or your own custom entity types. Search can also include the contents of files attached to your websites.