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Collaboration is great, business impact is better. Learn what press, customers and industry experts are saying about Drupal Commons


From the analysts:

The combination of Drupal Commons , its social software offering, with a WCM offering provides Acquia with a unique opportunity to help enterprises with their broader online channel strategy.
- Gartner, 2012


From our partners:

Most of my past project management experience has been with.NET projects. This is one of the best project management experiences I’ve ever had.
- Jay Krall, Business Development Director, Cision


Off the presses:

Drupal Commons 2.0 enables business to create social business solutions, with a focus on being flexible and while able to meet requirements.
- CMSWire



@business_of_hky a new Drupal solution called "Commons" is amazing.


From our partners:

That’s why we love Drupal Commons . It’s a collaboration toolkit that’s ready-made and based on proven online community best practices.
- ForumOne

In the Press

From the analysts:

Their products and product road maps exhibit innovation, especially in architecture and lightweight integration, while their marketing and R&D efforts align with the open-source ecosystem.
- Gartner Research