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Chartbeat is real-time data for action takers. Delivering traffic and engagement insights that anyone with a website, iOS app, or social streams can easily understand and make decisions based on – right when it matters.

Chartbeat is for doers.

Acquia Network customers receive a free one-month trial and then a 20% discount on their monthly subscription, of just $7.99 a month to track up to 1,000 concurrent visitors across up to five domains.

Chartbeat Overview
An Overview of everything that’s happening on your site right now.

Chartbeat Content View
Content View is complete look at the traffic breakdown across the top 20 pages on your site with deeper dives into engagement, new/returning visitors, and traffic sources to those pages.

Chartbeat Social View
Social View gives you a complete look at your brand across Twitter and Facebook right now, how that social audience is impacting your site traffic, and a seamless way to tweet right from the dashboard.

Chartbeat Traffic View
Traffic Sources tell you just that – the source of your traffic, including the top links and search terms leading new and returning visitors your way.

Chartbeat Geo View
Watch visitors from across the country and the globe come to your site through the Geo View.

Real-Time Tracking
Every few seconds, Chartbeat will ping your users’ browsers to see where they are on your site. Through your Drupal module and Chartbeat dashboard, we’ll let you know how many people are on your site right now and if they’re reading, writing, scrolling, or have your site in an idle tab in the background, so you can see how engaging each element of your site is.

1-Minute Implementation
Just sign up for Chartbeat without even leaving this site and you’ll be prompted to install the necessary code on your site. Data will start hitting your Drupal module and Chartbeat dashboard immediately.

Social Stream Action
Track your unique social audience’s behaviors on Twitter and Facebook…and how that affects your site traffic. See a conversation about you or your content flying around the social web? Tweet right from your dashboard to jump in in real time and watch the traffic roll in.

APIs and Chartbeat Labs
Use our live APIs to collect and use various metrics about your site visitors and display them in unique ways. Or use our Chartbeat Labs projects, like the Chartbeat Big Board, and get the different features we’ve created for you to display your site data.

Chartbeat Launched in April 2009, Chartbeat is used by some of the top sites on the web from The New York Times and Al Jazeera to Fab.com and TechCrunch. We’re a member of the Betaworks family, backed by amazing lead investors Index and DFJ, and powered by a pack of quirky geniuses.