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BuildAModule is an extensive and ever-growing library of video tutorials for Drupal. It covers a broad range of topics aimed at both "site builders" (no coding) and developers. As the name suggests, the site began with a strong focus on PHP developers who needed to learn how to develop on top of Drupal.
Over 769 Drupal Videos and Training!

With a Professional or Enterprise subscription, you get access to the entire video library as well as a fantastic user experience. Easily browse the full collection, create playlists and share them with your team to keep everyone on the same page, track progress and more.


Over time, as there were more and more requests for more basic, non-coding tutorials, videos were added to allow a non-developer to build a fully functioning Drupal site from start to finish. Drupal is powerful enough to create a rich, customized site without ever looking at the code, so it made a lot of sense to add this kind of material to the library.

There are over 700 videos in the library, adding up to more than 58 hours of material. And the videos are good. They're clear enough that viewers get concepts quickly and enjoy the experience, they're concise enough that watching a single video is always a reasonable commitment, and they're organized well enough so that even after a viewer has watched through the entire library, they can easily use it for reference and review.

BuildAModule has been around for over two years now, and has a loyal customer base. New material is being added all the time, which encourages naturally-paced ongoing learning. The videos are being used by major educational institutions, web development shops, and by training companies. Freelancers and those preparing for the leap into a Drupal-based occupation are using them to get up to speed.

The BuildAModule site provides a rich interface for working through the videos. It tracks completed videos, allows you to generate playlists, and puts the entire library on a single page so it's easy to navigate through the library. And it's improving all the time with suggestions from viewers.


  • Over 700 focused video tutorials covering nearly everything you or your team needs to become a Drupal expert.
  • Videos are short, focused and to the point.
  • Intuitive, highly usable one-page interface for viewing videos.
  • Highly practical, real-world examples make it easy to apply what you learn right away.
  • Progress tracking so you can easily see what you've watched so far.
  • Group membership management to easily trade out which of your team has access at any given time.
  • Fully transcribed and captioned - useful for both the hearing impaired and for quickly searching video content.
  • Innovative transcript view which speeds up scanning content and helps with the learning process.


  • Save lots of money and time by using BuildAModule as your team's training program and get the most out of in-house mentoring.
  • Excellent coverage of the most fundamental Drupal techniques and tools for site building, theming and development all in one place.
  • Short videos make it easy to fit Drupal learning easily into whatever time you or your team has available.
  • Where other video tutorials leave out some steps, we're always careful to show you every piece of a process, making what you learn much more practical.
  • Many of our viewers have landed awesome jobs and projects, attributing their success to the BuildAModule curriculum.
  • We hear repeatedly that BuildAModule tutorials are the best out there -for any technology - because they're easy to listen to and they focus on just the right material.