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What's Inside

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Acquia Cloud 's continuous integration platform

The core of the Acquia Cloud platform is an open-source LAMP server stack, combining the Linux (Ubuntu) operating system, Apache web server, MySQL (Percona) database, and PHP programming language with Drupal. Click the yellow icons to learn more.

Drag and drop

  • Code Control your code with Git or SVN. Deploy to Stage and Prod with drag and drop, command line, or API.
  • Files Easily move files from Dev to Stage to Prod.
  • Database Manage multiple databases, including full support for Drupal multi-site.


  • Balancer A Acquia uses Varnish in front of all traffic to speed up the sites through caching and enable advanced features such as geolocation and mobile redirections.
  • Balancer B Enterprise customers have the option for dedicated load balancers to enable advances configurations and ensure the highest performance.
  • Web Server Acquia's Apache configuration is optimized for serving Drupal and media pageviews.
  • Web Server Enterprise customers have extra web servers operating round-robin including excess capacity in the second availability zone.
  • Cache Memcached optimizes Drupal performance for logged-in users.
  • Cache Enterprise customers are able to utilize multiple dedicated Memcached servers to ensure high performance.
  • Drupal

  • File system Acquia's platform-as-a-service ensures a highly performant file system for file uploads.
  • File System Enterprise customers have a fully redundant file system in a second availability zone that's constantly in sync via GlusterFS.
  • Database Acquia utilizes Percona's optimized MySQL server in addition to Drupal-optimized MySQL configurations.
  • Database Enterprise customers have Master-Master replication for database pairs allowing seamless failover and high
  • 24x7

  • Security Monitoring Acquia uses Rapid7, OSSEC , and Qualys to perform vulnerability scans and ensure policy compliance.
  • Infrastructure Monitoring Acquia uses best of breed open source monitoring platforms such as Nagios in addition to custom monitoring systems to provide access to vital real time and historical metrics.
  • Application Performance Monitoring Customers have access to a variety of tools that monitor their Drupal application lifecycle, including Acquia Insight as well as third party tools.

Reliable & Scalable Hosting

Acquia Cloud Elastic Resources

When it comes to capacity planning, many organizations will take the approach of planning for a worst-case scenario, and purchasing capacity to be permanently available. That can lead to a lot of wasted money. Some organizations under plan for traffic, and without the means to increase capacity on-demand, suffer outages.

either overspend or expect outagesoutages.png

With Acquia Cloud , you can scale resources up and down at any time. For Acquia Cloud Enterprise customers, our operations team can scale resources up to meet unpredictable traffic spikes for any period of time, and then return resources back to normal levels when traffic subsides. This allows you to only pay for what you need.

99.95% uptime, pay for what you needacquia-plan.png


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Acquia Cloud Regions

Acquia Cloud can deploy from any region as primary or secondary - choose which region will provide the lowest latency for your site. Additionally, Acquia offers Multi-Region failover where customers can have a fully redundant hot standby in a separate region. For more on Multi-Region failover check out our data sheet.

How Acquia increases AWS reliability

Acquia increases AWS reliability in two ways:
check-mark.pngAll layers of this Drupal-tuned platform – from the application to the web servers, database, and filesystem – can use multiple servers in a high-availability configuration in order to ensure site uptime.

check-mark.pngAWS servers can and do fail. Acquia operates all HA sites across multiple availability zones, and monitors all services 24/7, immediately responding to outages and restoring service.
Acquia commits to 99.95 % site uptime for our Enterprise customers. We're able to make this commitment because we have access to our customer’s Drupal application as well as the hosting infrastructure.
check-mark.pngIf it's an infrastructure issue, we fix it.
check-mark.pngIf it's an application issue, we identify the root cause and immediately notify our customers of what needs to be modified to get the site back up.
AWS commits to 99.95% uptime, but only for the network. We ensure 99.95% uptime for network and your site.

Acquia Cloud meets security and compliance needs

Acquia Cloud utilizes a shared responsibility model for security in the cloud. Acquia Cloud leverages Amazon's certifications and accreditations for the infrastructure, network and physical security layers of the environment.


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