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#200 - 303 Pacific Ave
Saskatoon, SK S7K 1P2
Company Size: 
11-50 employees
Vertical Markets: 
Computer Hardware / Software / Services
Energy / Mining / Natural Resources
Solution Areas: 

zu is a 35 person, 21–year old custom digital strategy, design and development house based in Canada. We are dedicated to helping companies realize their full digital potential via innovative Internet based systems. Solving the right problems is where we start, and providing our client with a long-term partner in their digital evolution is where we like to end up. And usually in the middle, there is a major digital project such as the deployment of an enterprise strength open-source CMS, our favourite being Drupal. We like to let the particular case influence the technology, and in more ambitious and complicated projects (which we love), we may be using or building API’s, integrating legacy systems, working with various third party vendor feeds, or adding major custom components to the Drupal core in PHP or frameworks like Symphony. Lately we’ve been creating single page applications and providing data visualization tools in automated dashboards.

Our close-knit in-house team works in the Agile method, with a high degree of accountability to each other. This is not said lightly and is an obvious and real benefit to the client and the projects we collectively (with the client) grow from twinkles in the stakeholders’ eyes to fully fledged applications out in the wild. We take pride in what we do, using proven and leading approaches with team members and clients alike benefitting from our approach to continuous learning and cross-training.

We have a particular affinity for investor relations oriented corporate sites, having done, and still serving, some of Canada’s largest organizations. So Drupal + corporate is a sweet spot, as is providing digital innovation for governments, resource companies, cities, telecoms, professional associations and health sector clients.