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Highlights popular children's magazines are dedicated to helping children grow in basic skills, knowledge, and creativity. Puzzlemania, a monthly puzzle subscription magazine for kids, has been one their most popular for over twenty years. As Highlights was undergoing a total redesign of Puzzlemania magazine, they also wanted a new site to go along with that new look and feel.

Highlights hired Zivtech to build the Puzzlemania site. The site was to consist of interactive flash games based around the fictional character of Wyatt and his group of friends. They needed the ability to quickly update the puzzles and their assets as well as build an online presence for the characters and magazine.

Our solution was to build a Drupal back-end which integrates the Flash puzzles created by Jersey Cow and allows Highlights staff to quickly and easily update the puzzles through the site. Assets for a puzzle can be added or changed through the node interface.

We also created a "Facebook" style profile for Wyatt featuring posts and comments from him as well as other Puzzlemania characters.

All of this was based around our implementation of the excellent design created in-house by Highlights.