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Level 2 50 Bridge Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
Company Size: 
1-10 employees
Vertical Markets: 
Financial Services

WordFlow are web content migration, conversion and data enrichment specialists. We offer a range of specialist Drupal services working with systems integrators, large enterprises in government, financial services and education, on Drupal deployments.

WordFlow is in the business of:
• conversion of content from legacy formats, such as Word and PDF, into HTML and:
• Migration of content from early generation websites to Drupal 7 and 8.

For any organisation planning to move to Drupal CMS, WordFlow revolutionises the conversion process in 2 important ways.
• Firstly, WordFlow allows you to convert non-accessible Word and PDF documents into and mobile-friendly web pages at scale
• Secondly, WordFlow offers a cloud based service that automates website migration, replacing traditional “cut and paste” techniques. What once took weeks and months, now takes days or weeks – and it’s far more accurate.

Many websites are littered with PDFs – non accessible documents that don’t work online or on mobile.

WordFlow auto converts your pre-web Word and PDF documents, desktop database and other sources to HTML and delivers them directly into easy-to-consume webpages. WordFlow spiders the source website, filters the content you want to migrate and auto maps it to the corresponding location in the destination site.

With our cloud-based service non-technical people can quickly and cost effectively migrate content to the new Drupal CMS without needing IT support.

Now with WordFlow, customers can transform their knowledge base, so often locked away in pre-web formats – into HTML – optimised for Drupal CMS.