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Labor Market Link Web Application

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Labor Market Link is a web application using Drupal as a framework, designed to track labor market demand across the country. By combining user input with statistical models, forecasting graphs are generated. The initial release was targeted at major construction projects in excess of $100 Million, including Pipeline projects, Oil Refineries, Oilsands Mines, and Petro-chemical plants. The application is now used by companies for all major projects and its user base consists of the largest construction and oil companies in Canada.

Wirespeak designed and developed Labour Market Link. We managed software development and project delivery, designed the data model, and created the custom PHP image manipulation and graph generation functionality. Wirespeak also defined development standards, configuration management procedures, and release management procedures.

Wirespeak hosts and maintains the application, provides support to the client and users, and continuously works with the client to add and enhance functionality.