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Web Industries

Level 2, 28 Grey Street
Wellington 6140
New Zealand
Company Size: 
1-10 employees
Vertical Markets: 
Financial Services
Solution Areas: 

Web Industries makes cool stuff happen on the web. We build awesome websites and systems, using Drupal - the world's best content development platform.

We love applying web technology to help businesses and organisations achieve their goals – whatever they may be.

Whether you run a large IT department and need an enterprise grade Drupal system with complex workflows and integrations; are a small business owner and need a flexible and cost effective website; or are a budding entrepreneur with a really cool idea that needs turning into reality, we can help out.

When we're building a Drupal system, we have some priorities we stay focused on.

Achieving Results

You may need a website to sell more products and showcase your business, or an application to streamline a business process and reduce double-handling data. Either way, we identify your objectives before starting work, to ensure your Drupal system delivers results.

The Future

We future-proof your Drupal system so it can grow and develop into the future. We follow Drupal best-practice so we can easily implement security and integrity upgrades, completely new features, or integration with other web or software solutions you may be using.


Before starting any development we help you to evaluate your implementation options for your allocated budget. This is why we work with Drupal, because we believe it offers the best value-for-money, irrespective of the size and type of system you need.

Speedy Development

We work quickly. There's no point messing about, and we know how frustrating it is to watch the months tick by, and deadlines pass. We set clear expectations and keep to them. If you leave a message we return it promptly. Waiting sucks, everyone knows that!


We look to simplify whenever it's appropriate. Web solutions should proactively look to reduce the likelihood of things going wrong - and unnecessary complexity doesn't help. We always provide sensible advice on the most efficient development approaches.


Now, it may sound ridiculous, but this is actually our top priority - despite being last in this list. When we deliver a system, there's a few peoples' happiness we are worried about - yours, as our client. System users - as your clients. And ourselves - because not being happy sucks!

Overall, we're always looking to build a Drupal system that can serve its purpose, with minimal waste. Requirements change, problems occur, things get delayed - these are realities of life. Good planning helps avoid some of these issues, and in order to deal with these challenges as they occur, we keep our clients involved in discussions, and up-to-date with progress.