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Austin, TX
United States
Company Size: 
1-10 employees
Vertical Markets: 
Financial Services
Media and Entertainment

The Volacci team provides Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search, and Conversions Consulting to a varied client base ranging from local real estate agents to Fortune 500 companies. Volacci provides services for a wide variety of platforms however, they're focused primarily on <a href = "http://www.volacci.com/">Drupal SEO</a>. In 2007, we released the <a href = "http://drupal.org/project/seo_checklist">Drupal SEO</a> <a href = "http://drupal.org/project/seo_checklist" rel=nofollow>Checklist</a> module which has been used on innumerable sites. Our team has performed SEO services on well over 150 Drupal websites.

Volacci is committed to worldwide leadership in marketing profitable websites for our clients. Created in 2001, our company (then Sprysoft) initially operated as a successful ecommerce website. By using our own business as training and testing grounds, we learned techniques and developed tools that are effective in establishing successful online marketing businesses. In 2005, we launched Sprydev, our Search Engine Marketing division. It quickly grew, becoming the proverbial tail that wags the dog. Our company is now named Volacci, and we currently have over 40 people on our marketing team and dozens of clients throughout the United States.

We are not satisfied until your website is humming with happy visitors, resulting in a growing and predictable revenue stream for your business.

<strong>Acquia Drupal is the Best Possible Platform for Online Marketing</strong>
Drupal is the best possible platform for Online Marketing. Here’s why:
<UL><LI>Drupal can be configured to be 100%, perfectly optimized for both the search engines and for your visitors.</LI>
<LI>Drupal evolves as things change in the search marketing world. That means that a website deployed today, with proper maintenance, will still be optimized tomorrow.
<LI>Drupal eliminates rank-killing duplicate content that plagues other platforms.</LI>
<LI>With Drupal, it is easy to integrate search tools like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, XML Sitemap, and enhanced site-search and navigation.</LI>
<LI>Out of the box, no other online platform writes cleaner websites than Drupal. This is important as non-compliant websites can damage your standing in Google or even confuse the search engines.</LI>
<LI>Drupal provides several options to fight spam and prevents your site from being overrun by Spam-bots.</LI>
<LI>Drupal allows multiple landing pages so it’s easier to test new marketing messages as you go.</LI>
<LI>Drupal makes it possible to add community features that your customers demand like polls, blogs, podcasts, videos, groups, comments, forums, Twitter and more.</LI>
<LI>Drupal has a thriving community. If any problem arises, there are people who have already fixed the same issue or who can help track down a solution.</LI></UL>

While many platforms may boast a few of these advantages, only Drupal provides them all. However, while Drupal makes the on-page optimization better, there is still a lot to be done to configure it properly for your specific situation, organize your website for your visitors, and build links. That’s where Volacci comes in.

<strong>Acquia Recommends Volacci for Your Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Needs</strong>

There are three clear advantages to working with Volacci for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) needs.
<OL><LI>Volacci knows Drupal – Volacci has been working with Drupal and the Drupal community since 2006 – way back when version 4.5 was the stable release. They have worked on well over 100 Drupal websites for content and SEO. They know how Drupal works and how best to use it to maximize your ranking in the search engines. In fact, www.Volacci.com runs Drupal because it is hands-down the best platform for SEO available today.</LI>
<LI>Volacci is an Acquia Gold Partner – Created by the Drupal founders, Acquia provides commercial Drupal support, certification and training. By selecting an Acquia Partner for your SEO needs, you can be assured that you are working with a team committed to the same standards of quality, innovation and success that you expect from Acquia. In fact, not only is Volacci an Acquia partner but Acquia has selected Volacci as their exclusive SEO since May, 2008. Find out more: Acquia SEO Case Study</a></LI>
<LI>Volacci and the Drupal community – Volacci has shown that they are committed to the Drupal community. They are a Drupalcon sponsor, they create and maintain the SEO Checklist module – the single most popular online-marketing add-on to Drupal – as well as help in the development of several additional modules related to search. They show their commitment to the success of the Drupal platform by publishing the Drupal SEO Podcast, helping in the forums, and writing documentation for Drupal.org.</LI>

Volacci is committed to working with Acquia to provide you with the best possible solution to your web marketing needs. For more information, please visit www.Volacci.com or to request a quote for your project, please call Ben Finklea at (512) 989-2945 x204 or email <a href = "mailto:[email protected]">ben@volacci.com</a>.