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Cartoon Network EMEA, the digital television channel created by the Turner Network, a part of Time Warner, is dedicated to showing animated programs throughout Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Although extremely popular, the Cartoon Network sites throughout Europe had difficulties with content updating, content creation, and consistency in look and feel, all via a cumbersome and inefficient CMS platform. With the EMEA office based out of London, Cartoon Network tasked VML with redesigning the site across 11 countries throughout EMEA.

VML performed several actions to address this project:

Implement Drupal, designed for novice users, due to the fact that the site would be maintained primarily by the marketing team, not IT

Following a template structure, each country site was tailored to fit each countries needs and programming, allowing for heavy local control by each country managing team

Develop a very fun, creative new look and feel for the site, paired with extensive re-architecting of the site to improve the overall user experience, with emphasis on the video friendly capabilities of Drupal to maximize cartoon media

VML also developed the site to be extremely ad and marketing friendly, from banner overlays to microsite sponsorship and custom, CN-grounded takeovers (‘gags’)