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ictQATAR Safe Space Website

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Guiding Parents, Educators & Teens for Safe Internet Use

ictQATAR, the Supreme Council of Information & Communications Technology, is the regulatory body for information and communication technology in the State of Qatar leading the country’s strategic thinking and implementation of many ICT initiatives. SafeSpace is one of the initiatives launched in 2010 to ensure that kids, teenagers, and their parents understand the basic rules for maintaining their safety and privacy whilst using the internet.


Vardot worked with ictQATAR's SafeSpace team from the initial stages of restructuring to deployment and development. Throughout the process, Vardot assessed the site's diverse audience and designed a structural experience using Drupal's Context module to give a visual identity to each audience member. The site was fully redesigned on Bootstrap UI elements with the sully responsive design to increase usability on all mediums. The multilingual site is built on Drupal 7 and fully complies with with WCAG AA accessibility policy and the accessibility policy of the State of Qatar. The SafeSpace team has been trained on Drupal CMS and has full management of the site.

Currently, Vardot continues to support and maintain the structure while the site is hosted on Acquia Cloud.