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1331 Gemini, Suite 300
Houston, TX
United States
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Computer Hardware / Software / Services
Energy / Mining / Natural Resources
Health Care
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Tietronix is a small business located in Houston, TX, USA, who has provided software support for NASA's Johnson Space Center since its formation in 1999. Tietronix has provided software solutions in fields of robotic arm situation awareness, virtual reality and space environment simulation, astronaut training, mission support, flight planning, safety and process management. Tietronix' employees have won numerous awards in NASA and the surrounding community.

Tietronix is focusing commercial efforts in the area of providing software solutions to help medical device corporations with process control and fulfilling FDA requirements to approve use of their devices. We combine our expertise in mission critical systems with our CMMI and Six Sigma qualifications in order to help companies improve their quality and dependability. We combine our process management expertise with web application development to help companies with geographically separated groups work towards a common goal as a cohesive, unified team. And we are able to apply our broad range of diverse backgrounds to offer multilingual and multicultural engineering and technology solutions.

The three founding partners of Tietronix represent the United States (Houston, Texas), Europe (Paris, France), and Asia (Hong Kong, China). The ~80 employees represent over 20 different nationalities and over a dozen of languages. This diverse makeup helps our teams to approach problems with unique and often out-of-the-box solutions, collaborated from their different and often unique perspectives.