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1250 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20036
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11-50 employees
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About Taoti
Taoti is a Washington, DC-based digital agency. We plan, design and execute everything from social engagement strategies and experiential media to application development and website overhauls. Whereas a lot of shops are either focused on “front-end” design/marketing roles or “back-end” database/application development, Taoti believes that the best solutions require such an intimate mix of both front and back end strategies and technologies that it only makes sense to be experts in both and to deliver projects that are not focused on back or front end, per se, but that focus on the desired outcome. Our tagline is “smarter websites.” A ‘smart’ website is one that gets the job done. And therein lies Taoti’s specialty: to approach a challenge with the outcome in mind, using whatever technologies, methods, or strategies which might make the most sense. It’s out about the technology. It’s about the result.
Taoti focuses primarily on open source technology to power our solutions. Most of our web-related work is enterprise level, so we mostly work in Drupal. But sometimes the lighter-weight Wordpress is a better tool for the job, when the objective is less about managing content and more about the user experience. We are big fans of popular front-end frameworks (such as “Angular” and “Bootstrap”) that allow us to deploy highly refined user experiences quickly and efficiently. Some of our clients have said that Taoti “does the hard stuff well.” Complex applications, database development, and integration of third party systems—it’s all right up our alley.
Speaking of our clients, they break down as roughly 60% non-profit/associations/NGO, 10% government, and 30% commercial. Project sizes range from $20K to $1M+. Major clients include USAID, Word Bank, the CA State Senate, National Association of Counties, Arent Fox, and American University, just to name a few. Having been around since 1996, Taoti’s had the pleasure of servicing over 400 clients from around the world. At the core of Taoti’s DNA is something we call our “QIS Culture.” Q: Quality. I: Innovation. S: Service. Our QIS ideals are how we produce the highest quality and most innovative solutions while making our clients feel like family every step of the way.

What We Do, Specifically

By Services
• Custom Web Design (mostly Drupal and Wordpress)
• Web / dB Programming
• UX / Interactive Design
• Mobile / Responsive Development
• “Gamification” / Online Simulations
• Logos / Branding
• Graphics & Print
• SEO & Online Marketing
• Digital / Social Media Strategy
• Experiential Marketing (connecting on/offline worlds, Internet of Things)
• Managed / Cloud Hosting

By Solution

• Content Management Systems (CMS)
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
• Electronic Medical Records (ERM)
• Online Collaboration Systems
• Intra / Extranets
• Membership Management
• eCommerce Systems
• Totally Custom Applications