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Betcars is an auction site for used cars. Everybody can register and, after some validation process, add their cars to the site. System will ask for some data of the car and will also notify some privileged users that a new car has arrived. These privileged users will check the status of the car, and if they see it ok, system will notify the seller that the car can be a new auction in the site.

Betcars will also help the seller suggestion an auction starting price. Anyway, that's only a suggestion and seller will decide the definitive starting price for the bid. System will also ask and will suggest a "buy direct" price. If the bid reach this "buy direct" price, auction will end inmediately.

Once bid has started, other registered users can make their bids or also choose the "buy direct" option.
Bids have an "ebay-like" autobid option. Users can decide how much they would pay for the car and the system will automatically add new bids for this user when needed until this "autobid price" is reached.

Once auction has ended, and if there is a winner, the winner needs to pay an amount as a booking for the car, meaning that he/she is indeed interested in the car. When Betcars receives this pay notification, seller and buyer will be notified and asked to close the deal.

If the auction finish without any bid, Betcars will notify the seller about, will suggest him/her new starting and buy direct prices and will invite the user to reactivate the bid.

Describe the project (goals, requirements and outcome):
Goals and requirements have been mainly explained in the brief overview. Further more, there was also the needs to provide some users the rights to modify specific fields of a car or doing specific actions depending on their roles.
Other requiremes were

A strong search page, where users can look for their desired cars.
A "personal" zone where users can see all the bids in which they have participated, the buys they have made, their "favourites" car and also all the cars added to the site by the user itself"
Notify users not only by email but also via sms or some specific actions
Deal with the data provided in some txt files by another company. These data is used in the "add car" form trying to make the process easier and quicker for the seller
All these funcionalities could be added and customized in about 2 month period.

Key modules/theme/distribution used:
Commerce Auction
Apache Solr Search Integration
Facet API
Display Suite
Field Access
Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen:
Commerce was choosen as the starting point for all the operations related with ecommerce. Commerce Auction was the base of "our bid system". We added a custom module for the needs commerce auction still don't cover, but as said, it was a great starting point.

ApacheSolr, Facetapi and all the others were choosen for specific needs, but they play really well togther. The list is a small part of more than 200 modules, including also custom small modules we developed, we have enabled for the site. (probably not all are needed though and we can disable some of them)