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Tag1 Consulting, Inc.

2637 E Atlantic Blvd #21865
Pompano Beach, FL 33062
United States
Company Size: 
11-50 employees
Vertical Markets: 
Media and Entertainment
Solution Areas: 

Tag1 rescues websites in crisis.

Sooner or later, your website will probably crash. When that happens, our Tech Crisis Team will be there for you. We are the go-to experts in times of trouble. We’ll spring into action and pinpoint, then quickly resolve the problems – no matter how complex or elusive your systems, code, and configuration issues might be. We are some of the few experienced enough to help your business recover with minimal downtime.

Don’t wait for an emergency, be proactive! Tag1 is the leading high-performance and high-availability consultancy, providing expert insight into configuration management, performance, infrastructure, Drupal development services, and, of course, disaster recovery.

Our company of 27 engineers and project managers, spread across the globe, are experienced in architecting and optimizing web infrastructure and Drupal websites, working with governments and large corporations to growing startups and non-profits.

Although much of our client work is done remotely, we do come on-site as needed. We even train clients how to do what we do.

Tag1 has a commitment to free and open source software. All of our engineers are active contributors and teachers in the Drupal community and are considered the leading experts in their particular domains.

We are the authors of O’Reilly’s High Performance Drupal. (http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920012269.do).