Spoon Portfolio

EQASRM provides an objective inter-lab comparison of clinical tests and laboratory assessments in the field of reproductive medicine. The existing business process called for the manual processing of individual results returned from labs, including statistical calculations and graph generation, followed by distribution of the assessments. This process was carried out on a quarterly basis.

Spoon Media developed a site to automate the entire process, allowing laboratories to submit results and later retrieve performance assessments online. Custom software was written to perform statistical analysis of results collected across laboratories, providing both numeric and graphical assessments.

Labs are able to sign-up via the website using a credit card. A mail notification system informs labs when they must submit results, as well as warning them when the submission deadline approaches.

Once a lab's results are entered into the site, the software automatically calculates the statistical data and renders intuitive graphs. Labs are then able to quickly and easily compare their results with other member labs.

The custom software developed by Spoon Media drastically reduces the amount of work required of EQASRM in each distribution.