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Disputes Settlement Centre of Victoria

Salsa Digital Portfolio

The Disputes Settlement Centre of Victoria’s (DSCV) primary goal is to provide support and information for Victorians finding themselves amidst civil disputes. Ultimately, their work results in lightening the burden of such disputes on the public legal system, as well as of course all the benefits of their users being able to resolve disputes with minimal conflict. The goal with creating them a new website, then was to make it as approachable as possible - excellent user experience design was critical - and make it as accessible to as many people as possible.

With this in mind, Salsa designed and built a site for DSCV that not only was Level AA compliant in accessibility requirements, but housed a range of information accessible both in text and video format (and multilingual). As well as creating a new user experience for DSCV, Salsa built their new site on a new CMS platform (Drupal) that was much easier for site administrators to keep up-to-date - reducing the burden on them as well and allowing them to focus more on their key business goals.