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Rapid Development Group

PO Box 120217
Grand Rapids, MI 49528
United States
Company Size: 
1-10 employees
Certified Developers: 
Vertical Markets: 
Manufacturing & Engineering
Solution Areas: 

Rapid Development Group is a lightweight and nimble web development team focused on high-quality implementations of complex web sites and web applications. Rapid Development Group has broad knowledge and experience with a wide assortment of web technologies, but specializes in advanced Drupal development projects.

Rapid Development Group employs seven full time developers, all of whom are expert in the Drupal CMS, front-end development techniques and mobile app development. RDG is committed to remaining a pure development shop, employing only developers with excellent communication and problem solving skills. Since RDG does not employ project managers, account service or design staff, it is an excellent collaboration partner for design and branding agencies who excel in these areas. RDG has experienced uninterrupted high demand for its development services since its inception in April of 2009.