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Spread FireFox

The Mozilla Foundation and Raincity Studios worked closely together to take Spread Firefox - basically a community for enthusiasts and contributors - to next level.

Starting from a solid Drupal base (built by RCS pal Chris Messina), the aim of the gig was to freshen the design and massage the usability in order to encourage more participation in promoting the web browser.

Raincity Studios developers and designers collaborated with Mozilla insiders on the aesthetics and site structure, and helped build a theme to house new features such as Organic Groups for facilitating creating and managing community-based initiatives.

The design was themed (hey, that's our specialty), then applied to the new platform, and finally launched onto a shiny new version of Drupal. The resulting site allows anyone - from early adopters to non-techies - to jump in with ideas for spreading Firefox, and to actively participate in implementing those tactics.

As the Mozilla ringleaders say, "It's a community. A movement. A truly grassroots campaign to make the internet a better place for all."