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Feared in the 1970s, reviled in the 1980s, embraced in the 90s and loved in 2000s - love him or hate him, few artists have managed to endure while remaining true to their roots. Indeed a scant few artists have build as strong a brand as the mumbling rocker from Birmingham.

Ozzy has performed to millions from the Moscow Peace Fest to the legendary US Fest and Live Aid (the first one!) and built a vast legacy including a hall of fame band - Black Sabbath, a hugely grossing tour - Ozzfest, and the genre-breaking Osbournes TV program plus the related litany of movie cameos and commercials. Despite his advancing years, this senior citizen refuses to retire and keeps churning out heavy, heavy metal for his legion of fans (in creative, value-added packaging no less) including a new album "Black Rain."

Fans can now add a profile page on Ozzy.com, listen to new tracks, review events, share photos, peruse Ozzy's rants and announcements or research the hidden meanings in lyrics.

Ozzy.com is another Sony Records project performed with the incomparable Lullabots on lead guitar (ok, actually creating a Drupal framework) and Raincity Studios laying down the front end themeing and debugging duties. Creative Director, Mark Yuasa brought his eye for detail to this project and baked in the design flourishes and precise CSS behind this textured and detailed theme.

No one could imagine when Ozzy was (allegedly) biting heads off wee creatures that one day he'd be dining at the White House and performing for the Queen's jubilee! For that matter, none of us imagined building Ozzy's site either. Rock on!