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When Bryght first launched "ready to go" Drupal hosting back in 2004, there wasn't anyone else offering the same sort of product - or commercial Drupal products at all. With two fundamentally different products (shared hosting and virtual private hosting) aimed towards quite different markets with very different needs, the messaging needed to be clear and targeted.

The Bryght Light is designed for groups needing a quick starting but feature-rich platform for building a web community without much technical knowledge while the Bryght VPS is built for Drupal power users, development shops needing hosting for clients, and enterprises with in-house technical resources.

Since the Raincity Studios/Bryght hookup in November, 2007, the new team worked together to create a new iteration of Bryght.com. The aim was to showcase the new install profiles and product options, streamline the ordering process, explain the technical specs more succinctly, and freshen up the design assets.

The result is a site which shows the features and benefits of both Bryght Light and Bryght VPS. Both product groups are now available in Mandarin Chinese as well as English (with more world languages on the way). Additionally, thrifty customers can now choose a no-cost, ad-supported version of Bryght Light - again available in two languages.

With the new architecture, site visitors can quickly go from the front page, through product info, and to the sign-up form in 2 clicks with the aim of increasing conversions. The copywriting speaks to the varied audiences with a mix of geek-speak for techies and basic info for newbies. The treasure trove of support information is remixed into "Bryght College" where visitors can choose from various methods of support from tutorials to micro-blogged updates.

With super-dev Adrian's roadmap on Hostmaster (now Aegir), look for more management tools to aid resellers in deploying and maintaining Drupal sites on this mass-hosting system.

These tuned-up install profiles are just the beginning with more languages and additional specialized configurations (i.e. for podcasters, for magazines, for group blogs, etc.) coming soon. And of course, the Raincity Studios' special design touch is liberally sprinkled throughout the installs with fresh themes and interface refinements.