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Rotterdamseweg 183c
Delft, ZH
Company Size: 
11-50 employees
Vertical Markets: 
Computer Hardware / Software / Services
Life Sciences
Solution Areas: 

Proteon is the premier Drupal managed hosting partner located in the Netherlands.

Proteon provides managed hosting and development services using Open Source Technology. Proteon is specialized in managing and maintaining websites that need to live long and prosper.

As a developer, Proteon knows exactly what is needed for continuous improvements of a site. As a managed hositng company, Proteon knows exactly how to monitor and care for living websites.

Proteon focuses on delivering the best Drupal specific managed hosting solutions for resellers and medium to large enterprises. Since we have 13+ years of experience with numerous open and closed source systems, we can provide complete, heterogenous hosting infrastructures and maintain and manage it.

As developers Proteon delivers maintenance packages including update and upgrade services to newer versions of the Drupal system.

Proteon is founded in 1995 by students and staff of the Delft University of Technology, one of premier Technology universities in the world. Proteon's office still resides at the edge of the Delft university Campus.