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PreviousNext Portfolio

The State Library of Victoria is the major reference and research library in Melbourne. PreviousNext were engaged to provide Drupal training for SLV and to assist with the Drupal rollout in 2009 and 2010.

In early 2009 Previous were engaged by consulting firm Harbinger to provide an evaluation of Drupal as an option for the redevelopment of the State Library of Victoria (SLV) website. This initial work led to Drupal being chosen for SLV and we were subsequently engaged to develop the technical approach and specifications for the project development.

Delivering the Solution:
This phase included a customised Drupal training program for the SLV developers on site in Melbourne, and subsequently assisted SLV with the Drupal rollout throughout 2009 and 2010. PreviousNext built out a complex search engine which allowed granular searching of content through Apache Solr.

Values Derived:
Through choosing PreviousNext and Drupal, the internal Development Team at SLV have been able to build and manage the site long term.