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We have a service for every need

We have designed and built web portals and custom web applications during almost two decades for many kinds of companies and markets, which allows us to offer a great variety of services and online applications developed with the best practices and web technology standards.
For that reason we have for you the following offer of SAS solutions, which grows over the time:

  • Web sites: Web site development managed by the user.
  • Intranet: SAS web application, for internal communication and collaboration, with many features.
  • CRM: SAS web application, for client management with the option of following the sales process.
  • Service Desk: SAS web application, for managing service requests, whether they are technical support, operative, distribution, logistics, etc.
  • Commercial directory: SAS web portal, for the publication of commercial stores, services and products.
  • Commercial Exchange: SAS web portal, for the offer/demand of goods and services for sale, rent or buy.
  • Forms/Surveys: SAS web application, for capturing data online, including a mobile version.
  • Contests and raffles: SAS web application for registering and to contest in raffles and offers.