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Technical Summary:
Isovera utilized and repurposed Acquia’s Drupal Commons distribution to create a new, customized and dynamic site for Seek or Shout (seekorshout.com). Users on Seek or Shout create a central profile for themselves linked to other social networks, define their interests as tagged terms and follow other users with similar interests. Users can access an innovative feed that integrates email notifications of daily and weekly activity as well as Seeks, Shouts and relevant news. The search feature, a dynamic faceted search, allows content creators to see content of various types gathered from all over the web pulled together. The search feature includes better access to an agency’s database of information, useful for journalists.

After an initial search, users can begin to collaborate using the Seek and Shout features. With Seek, users can get people to interview, products to view or documents to research based on a particular term. This in turn generates comments and feedback from other users who can engage the original Seeker. The Shout feature sends out a message to anyone who has tagged the Shout term and all of the user’s followers to promote newly created content. Finally, Seek or Shout was built to scale and launched with nearly 400,000 nodes, positioning the site to become a full-scale social networking and content promotion site right from the start.