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Reinventing B2B with Imprivata’s Parallax Drupal Powerhouse:

Imprivata, a worldwide leader in enhancing care delivery with fast, secure access to patient information, tapped Genuine to re-ignite their web presence so that it better matched the company’s personality, customer service, and technical know-how.

“No Click Access” Through Parallax-Rich Infographics:

Imprivata wanted to stand out against the staid look and feel of other B2B websites and attract new inbound traffic through a compelling design that was easy to update without technical expertise. The company wanted to get across its central selling point–“No Click Access” to secure information—in such a way that the design and implementation of the site embodied Imprivata’s core offering.

How We Helped:

Drupal 7 served as our CMS of choice, powering the administration of content-managed customer spotlights, news, and awards. To make “No Click Access” a digital reality on Imprivata.com, we employed a single-page scroll technique called parallax, which allows for multiple layers of information to move independently in the two-dimensional browser space. With the fullscreen parallax effect, we laid out Imprivata’s process using infographics, slideshows, and an interactive map.