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Phase2 Portfolio

When 85 executive branch agencies and 1,400 state and local government entities depend on you for IT infrastructure and network services, efficient and cost effective flow of information is critical. Georgia Technology Authority (GTA) recognized that their expensive proprietary CMS would not provide a long-term enterprise content management solution and turned to Drupal and the Phase2 team to transition their websites’ current platform to a more flexible system.

Using OpenPublic as a base, Phase2 devised a strategy to migrate, rebuild, and support the State of Georgia’s current content management system. The increased simplification and efficiency of the new Drupal-based CMS will aid in the goal of saving Georgia’s web authority 4 to 5 million over five years.

Key Features Included:

  • Broadcasted features for platform-wide content, including a centrally managed footer and header for all Georgia sites, platform wide emergency messaging capabilities, and a shared core taxonomy for enterprise wide content categorization
  • Built in Google Search Appliance integration for all platform sites
  • Enterprise role-based support, including role based workflow and permissions to help agencies distribute content production while maintaining quality publishing standards