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Philadelphia, PA
United States
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1-10 employees
Vertical Markets: 
Energy / Mining / Natural Resources
Life Sciences
Media and Entertainment
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Expertise in web technology, data science engineering, and usability is what sets Openwebby apart. We build right-minded web-based solutions and teach these technologies to the full range of web technology learners and users around the globe using a dynamic model we've developed and refine called OpenUXbuild. Openwebby is a business service company, a community-based, interactive elearning module (inspired by Diversity of Knowledge), an industry-relevant blog --- a mashup of user experiences which the experiential web has become. At it's core openwebby is an open source responsive web and native mobile app framework for teaching and learning about the building of sustainble web systems.

The idea of openwebby began as a traditional, paperback book and ebook titled Sustainable Web Ecosystem Design which was published by Springer (the international publisher of science, technology, and medicine) in 2013. However, something continuous was necessary for effective teaching and learning about proper web building and it's inherent often vicissitudes.

20+ years of experience in teaching hybrid, online and in-residence at universities around the world; building and maintaining enterprise level and high-traffic educational and research web sites and native mobile applications; authoring on these topics; and developing approachable, asynchronous instructional documentation for college freshman through seasoned engineers and CEOs has taught us that a lightweight, interactive openwebby was a natural fit as a composite of these various communication models.

Through years of web research, building, and education we've learned that quality research builds profound education. Welcome to openwebby.