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The theme for Oregon State Fair 2010 is "Too Big to Miss." When you visit their site, you'll see what they mean. The fair runs for 11 days, features hundreds of events, and gathers big names from music and entertainment.

They had a potential mess on their hands: how can visitors take in all this information, decide what they want to see, and keep a record of their schedule? Jonathan Hedstrom created the Session Favorites module to allow visitors to compile a "Can't Miss" list, which is a printable page that displays everything that user tagged. So instead of having to scribble down notes they're likely to lose or forget, fairgoers can bring a single piece of paper with images, descriptions, and times of their "Can't Miss" events.

OpenSourcery created this feature for the Oregon State Fair website, and now it's freely available on Drupal.org. It's just another example of how OpenSourcery contributes valuable code to the entire community.