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Bonneville Environmental Foundation: Solar4rSchools.org

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Solar 4R Schools is a program developed by the Bonneville Environmental Foundation that educates students, teachers and community members about the science and benefits of renewable energy technology. The program provides hands-on activity guides, science kits and demonstration solar electric systems at no cost to schools, by working with local funding partners who want to show their commitment to renewable energy education.

The Bonneville Environmental Foundation selected OpenSourcery to develop the website for the Solar 4R Schools project.

The Solar4RSchools.org website is a sophisticated Drupal-based website that:

  • Collects real-time data from hundreds of solar panels
  • Displays interactive real-time and historical information with
    • Charted historical and real-time raw data (e.g. Power output, Irradiance, Temperature)
    • Interactive charts displaying student/teacher-friendly data (CO2 offsets + real-world usage displacement – a video game system for x weeks)
  • Shows live weather from Yahoo Weather
  • Allows visitors to download the raw data in a user-friendly CSV format for school experiments and reports
  • Provides an interactive custom map of the US for visual browsing of installed sites
  • Integrates Google maps
  • Allows anyone to embed a widget on their site that displays real-time solar collection data
  • Incorporates a full-featured blog with an RSS feed, tagging and image, video and sound uploads
  • Aggregates news from a variety of sources which automatically appear in the news section
  • Lists upcoming events with an easy to use web-based system for adding new events
  • Allows site administrators to easily add new sites, including pre-publishing
  • Enables schools to fill out an online application form to sign up for the Solar 4R Schools program
  • Includes a teachers-only area that allows teachers to download lesson plans, activities and share photos and experiences with their solar curriculum
  • Approved school administrators or teachers can upload video and images as well as edit text on their school pages
  • Provides an email newsletter with self-service subscribing/unsubscribing

Solar 4R Schools was developed by the Bonneville Environmental Foundation which supports the development of renewable energy and watershed restoration while empowering people to shrink their carbon footprint.

OpenSourcery is the leading developer of Drupal-based education and non-profit websites. For more information contact OpenSourcery at (503) 777-7033.