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ILMB - Integrated Land Management Bureau

North Studio Portfolio

The Integrated Land Management Bureau (ILMB) vision was to create a showcase Drupal CMS in the Provincial Government that would provide a robust system for content creation and management. ILMB approached northStudio with a very early version of a Drupal CMS that they had been developing with an independent contractor. As the needs around authentication and workflow was quite complex, ILMB reached out to northStudio for completion.


  • Showcase Drupal site for Provincial Government
  • Created a specific workflow module for the use in the Provincial Government that
    integrates with the authentication system (IDER & Siteminder).
  • Ensured secure private pages and private internal blogging tools
    Adherence to Government branding requirements
  • Dynamic menus
  • Accessibility/disability compliant
    Integration with Front Counter

Project Features

  • Drupal CMS
  • Advanced search and site taxonom
  • Document handling
  • Tag cloud
  • 3rd Party integration with Gov. Authentication System
  • Workflow
    Various Levels of Site Training
  • Private/Public Content