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MontenaSoft has improved the search functionality of Quax site in Oct 2008, and since then helps the Quax GmbH with ongoing support and assistance in technical questions (Drupal, development strategy, community features, media content, etc.).

When we first contacted MontenaSoft, we were in a very difficult situation: one of the most important modules did not function according to specification, we were approaching a deadline that we could not possibly meet, and all the odds were against us. MontenaSoft not only succeed in solving our problems in record time on the base of limited information; they gave us also clues to understand the problems in our Drupal system that we were not aware of.

After MontenaSoft's initial engagement, we were so impressed with their knowledge and professionalism, that we decided to engage them as our Drupal consultant on ongoing basis. Since then, our impression of MontenaSoft as very reliable and competent partner has only become stronger. They answered our question about Drupal platform and community modules with astonishing competence and speed. From this point of view, if you are looking for competent and professional Drupal Development or Drupal Consultancy, we would always recommend MontenaSoft.

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Martina Kropsch
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MontenaSoft Reference Letters 2008
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008