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MegaCard.at – Migration of a Bank Austria UnniCredit Promotion Site to Drupal

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Bank Austria UniCredit is one of the mayor Austrian banks, with numerous subsidiaries across South and Eastern Europe. Since 2008, Bank Austria is a part of UniCredit, one of the mayor bank consortium based in European Union.
MegaCard.at is advertising and promotion website of Bank Austria UniCredit. Through MegaCard program (that targets mostly younger public) bank customers enjoy also benefits and discounts when buying tickets for concerts, festivals, movie premiers and sport events. On MegaCard.at website, the bank customers have also the opportunity to give their feedback on sponsored events and are animated in numerous ways to write their reviews of events.
MontenaSoft provided the Drupal development and consultancy for this exciting project. MegaCard was a project that has shown very clearly the benefits of the use of Open Source software – and most notably, the benefits of Drupal community web framework. Besides changing the web site from information based to community based architecture, there were a lot of smaller changes behind the scene that needed to be introduced. Our role was the migration of existing functionality to Drupal and development of new Web 2.0 elements. 

The architecture of Drupal also provided us easily accessible ways to change the default behaviour of the system whenever it was necessary to fulfill the requirements. The number of encountered bugs during the testing phase was very small comparing it with the size of the project and website was delivered in timely manner.