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Eliane Revestimentos Cerâmicos is a family-run business from Brazil that manufactures ceramic coatings since 1960. The company has six factories in Brazil, an international office in São Paulo and two distribution centers, one in the United States and another in Canada. The ceramic products manufactured by Eliane can be found on all five continents and at more than 15,000 sales establishments in Brazil.

The new website of Eliane provides a faster and more intuitive experience for the user in three languages. The website features a better presentation of the products and solutions that the company offers divided into sections easily found by the users. Its design is simple and clean to give proper value for what is more important for the users: the content.

Drupal is the choosen content manager because the company has thousands of products that are updated weekly, so we needed a robust and easy to use solution to manage this content without losing performance.