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1 Rynok Sq.
Lviv, LV 79000
Company Size: 
1-10 employees
Vertical Markets: 
Computer Hardware / Software / Services
Media and Entertainment
Solution Areas: 

We’re small team of people who likes to make sense. With website, to make sense - is to fulfill it’s purpose, whether that be to promote products, sell services or communicate with customers. Purpose has very little to do with code quality, coolness of technologies, but it has everything to do with business, thus, with people. Website today _must_ be nice to use, nice to look and nice to interact with. That means it has to stay ahead of the pack and that, in turn, means it should be ahead of the pack on quality and coolness of technologies used, but thanks to Drupal - that’s what we use, we’ve got it all. With strawberry on top.

We’ll help you with creating websites for your specific needs: think it out, sketch it out, work it out, make sure it works on all devices in various cases.

Services we provide:
- Web-design
- Drupal site development
- Custom modules development
- Site performance audit / optimisation
- Ongoing technical support