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Autotrader.com is the ultimate online solution for buying and selling new, certified and used cars. As a pioneer in automobile marketing on the Web since 1998, Autotrader.com boasts 3 million vehicle listings while attracting more than 14 million qualified buyers each month. Autotrader.com's extensive expertise in data management and vehicle buying trends is helping car buyers nationwide make well-informed buying decisions online.

In late 2009, Autotrader.com devised a new way to market vehicles on the Web. Traditionally, online car verticals ask users to narrow a set of results by various criteria like make and model. Contrary to tradition, Autotrader.com engaged Mediacurrent to explore a more offer-focused, geocentric approach. The idea is, rather than having to spend a day making trips to various dealers in the area, a car buyer can quickly identify local dealership offers and specials without leaving home. By helping to remove some of the frustrations of car shopping, potential buyers would be able to make better informed buying decisions in less time. The new site was appropriately named "DrivenByYou.com" after Utah-based Larry H. Miller Group's signature tag line. Drupal was selected as the platform of choice because of the compressed timeline to launch, ease of customization, and the amount of required functionality already available via community modules.