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What happens when your business experiences explosive growth? When your old, brochureware website no longer works for your users? When a changing business landscape forces you to alter your approach? Irving based Caris Life Sciences experienced this very problem and turned to LevelTen Interactive for a solution.

The Business Problem:

Caris Life Sciences needed a new website that would better support their rapid growth and new company initiatives. They wanted a solution that would help them target multiple audiences, regularly update content, showcase their internal team, and highlight patient stories.

Additionally, they hoped a new website would serve as the conduit for increased traffic, more time spent on site, a decreased bounce rate, and more leads.

During the project, Caris also made the switch from using CarisDX.com as the primary domain to CarisLifeSciences.com. LevelTen was asked to provide a strategy for migrating the site to a new domain while preserving any accumulated SEO value from the old domain.

Initially, Caris was concerned about the ability of their chosen agency to deliver the project on time, and with sufficient communication.

The Solution:

LevelTen worked with the team at Caris Life Sciences to create a professional and engaging website on the Drupal platform. LevelTen applied their decade of web knowledge into a series of strategic wireframes before moving into the site building process. In less than a month, LevelTen went from approved design comps and wireframes to a fully approved Drupal website.

The theme is based on the 960 Grid system and uses CSS styling for all page layouts. In addition, LevelTen incorporated Features and Context functionality into the site, making it easier to manage and control website features and contextual layouts. With these tools, LevelTen created sections of the website that served multiple target audiences, as well as areas for dynamic, regularly updated content.

To address the launch of the new website and the changed domain name, LevelTen created a site migration strategy which involved a series of 301 redirects and integrating the Search 404 module.

The Results:

The results speak for themselves. Through the use of agile project management methodologies, sound strategic direction, and open communication, LevelTen was able to successfully complete the project to Caris' specifications.

Read what Gajan Retnasaba, VP of Business Development at Caris Life Sciences, had to say about the project:

"It was time for a fresh look and a more flexible platform that would scale with the company's growth. Engaging with LevelTen infused our team with the ideas and execution to realize the vision.

LevelTen brought a structured process and a steady hand to our website redesign. LevelTen helped us understand our needs, providing design directions, incorporating feedback, and finally building out the final site. And LevelTen continues to provide support as the site evolves along with the company.

I could tell you how happy we are with the new site, the clean design, the clear navigation, and all the compliments we received. But, instead I would like to share the numbers. In the month following the launch of the new site, our bounce rate halved from 60% to 30%. And the average time each visitor spends on the site increased by 50%.

What all that means is that an extra 2,000 real people every month take the time to get to know us. And those people are choosing to look at more pages and to spend longer on each page, giving us a better opportunity to help them get to know us."

LevelTen continues to provide support and strategic input on CarisLifeSciences.com.