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GreenRenter aims to be the comprehensive directory of commercial and residential buildings available for rent. In short, it helps you find a green place to live or work.

GreenRenter is a venture that I'm involved in started by three Portlanders. Our backgrounds include sustainable development, green building, energy efficiency and internet technology. We were friends before we became business partners. And like many other business ideas, GreenRenter was born over a glass of local brew on Hawthorne Blvd in Portland, Oregon!

Naturally, we chose Drupal as the platform. The site is fairly simple for now, relying heavily on CCK and Views (don't most sites?). The content types are quite complex, so we turned to a tab based interface to help organize the information. For mapping, GMap and Location are footing the bill.

For us, green building at its best means creating healthy communities. We believe renters deserve access to information about how their building was constructed and how it operates. We believe owners who are taking positive steps should have a forum to share their successes. With climate change, poverty and environmental degradation on the rise, we believe the positive trend to live and work in healthy communities will continue to grow out of necessity.