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The First Avenue Nightclub

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First Avenue is an iconic night club located in Minneapolis, MN. In their words:

San Francisco has the Fillmore Auditorium. New York has the Knitting Factory. And Minneapolis has First Avenue and the 7th Street Entry. Anyone who knows about music in this town will tell you that, for the last three decades, First Avenue has been integral to the Twin Cities' vibrant music scene.

From the avant garde to the mainstream, First Avenue is a music club committed to fostering the arts, music and entertainment excellence. There are a lot of people who care deeply about this club and have, in effect, made it their lives.

I've been lucky enough to work with the club for several years, developing their previous site using ASP.NET (gasp!) 4 years ago and have been chomping at the bit to migrate the site over to Drupal. I finally got the chance this summer and everyone involved is thrilled with the results. The primary challenges, aside from the usual ones in a project this size, were to handle the sales of online tickets and sightline seats for each event. So basically, each event has two possible items for sale associated with it, in addition to needing to maintain inventory for each one.

We turned to Ubercart for the e-commerce functionality, which it does splendidly, and customized the event creation, adding cart items, and workflow to manage our specific business case. Initially, Event was used for date management, but due to some serious timezone problems, I migrated everything over to Date soon after launch (worthy of a separate post). We're also heavily leveraging CCK, Views, Imagefield, Lightbox2, and several other contributed modules. The site also features standard merchandise for sale, blogs, forums, and photo galleries.