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Lemberg Solutions Limited Portfolio

Freethegreenmonster.com is offering a website to help small to medium sized brick and mortar retailers to create an online commerce presence with their own commerce enabled mini website with a set of simple stock management, communication and coupon creation tools as well as exposure in our virtual market place.

The site was built using the Drupal content management system as a backend and the concept of the site has been very dynamic.

Sign the Green Charter: the site also offers users the opportunity to demonstrate their environmental awareness by signing a Green Charter which lists the main principles of environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Contact us: custom feedback page

Products catalogue: in the catalogue, users can filter the products on offer:
- by popularity
- in alphabetical order
- by price
- by date
- by category
- by location

Blog: the blog contains articles that can be filtered:
- by category
- by tags
- most recent
- by popularity

Log in: a beautiful custom Log In page. Users cacn lig in via their Facebook account.
Once logged in, users can add products to their shopping cart.

Shopping cart: the products users have selected may be viewed in their shoping cart. After pressing 'Check out', uaers are redirected to the payment page.

Create a stall: once registered, users that would like their products to be sold on the site can create their stall by selecting from a variety of subscription plans.