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Built with Drupal using Ubercart e-shop module and using Heidelpay payment system integration, Cantana website allows users to T-shirts they like online. Also, the site allows to order custom print on your Bio T-shirt.

Feedback page: sign up for a news letter or leave your comments for Cantana.

Log in: users can log in into their account if they are would like to purchase products, especially more than once.

Catalogue: on the products page, users can filter collections and select what they like.

Product details: when you select a product, you can read more about it and take a closer look at the image. After that, you may add the product into your shopping cart.

Size guide: to help you choose the right size, open the style guide.

Shopping Cart: the shopping cart is a place for temporary storage of the items you've selected. After you've finished shopping, go to checkout.

Checkout: enter you details to purchase the products you've selected.

News: everything you need to know about Cantana.

Order custom print: select the type of garment you would like to purchase, how many items of it, colour, and print text. Enter your details and make an order.