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Rue de Lausanne 64-66
Company Size: 
1-10 employees
Vertical Markets: 
Architecture / Construction
Health Care
Solution Areas: 

Consulting and web development agency, Inovae Sàrl is specialized in conception and realisation of websites at the forefront of technologies. Working only with Drupal, we have very deep knowledge of this solution and his dynamic as open source community. We are able to take full advantage of Drupal.
Our company provide complete analysis and project management services as well as changing management and teaching. Our social sciences skills is a must to take care of human and « business » specificities of projects as well as technical challenges.

Our team
Inovae is build as a small team with strong values. Skills complementarity and mutual knowledge provide us a very rational management and lot of adaptability. This « light » configuration is our first competitive advantage.
Aron Novak and Michael Dupont are our coders. They take care of all heavy developments : fonctionnalities, infrastructure, debug...
Eric Pasquier is our ergonomy coder. He take care of user interfaces from conception to realisation.
Kian Rieben is our buisness analyst. He take car of needs analysis and tools conception. His goal is to adapt solutions to clients needs.
Alexis Dufresne is our technical architect. He is the link between untechnical analysis ans technical developments.

Our methods
Our working process are characterized by three fundamental:
Holist: Our wide skills allow to understand the perspective broad enough to capture the major issues that our clients have to face while being able to get into the smallest details with this strategic insight.
Agility: Our structure gives us the flexibility to judiciously apply the principles of agile development. We know how to adapt our project management to the contexts and issues specific of each client.
Open: We are able to develop the skills of our customers to give them access to the autonomy they want. Of course there are multiple levels and training available. The spirit of free software powering this concerns of transfer of skills.