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Level 11 535 Bourke Street
Melbourne, VIC
11-50 employees
Vertical Markets: 
Architecture / Construction
Computer Hardware / Software / Services
Energy / Mining / Natural Resources
Key Solution Areas: 

<h1> About Harbinger </h1>
<p>Harbinger is an Australian company that was founded by a team of electronic business consultants. It assists businesses to identify their online strategy and deliver online projects.</p>
<li>A privately owned and operated company</li>
<li>Offices in Melbourne and working throughout Australia</li>
<li>A boutique e-business consulting group</li>
<li>Specialists in Drupal CMS</li>
<li>The experience and knowledge of established industry experts</li>
<li>Significant long term contracts with recognised Australian companies.</li>
<p>Harbinger Consulting is a boutique advisory and project execution firm. This enables us to maintain a low cost base and deliver highly personalised service. </p>

<p>Our philosophy is founded on becoming our client’s trusted partner. We learn about our client’s industry and act as a part of their organisation. We have developed a unique approach to online project delivery that is proven and valued by our clients. We have taken time to assess what customers really need, and have created professional services that are based on adding value to their organisations.</p>
<p>Harbinger is recognised for:</p>
<li> Senior well-credentialed and proven industry consultants,</li>
<li>• Our unique approach to digital strategy and projects that ensures the right business outcomes are delivered,</li>
<li>• The time we take to understand business needs before interpreting them into e-business solutions,</li>
<li>• The work we do in close partnership with our clients – often acting as their trusted advisors to orchestrate local vendors on their behalf,</li>
<li>• Sharing our clients goals,</li>
<li>• Guiding our clients through the challenges of interpreting online business developments into business advantage.</li>
<h2> Online Strategy </h2>
<p>Harbinger’s strategy and planning process clarifies business vision and direction, identifies the strategic implications, and addresses internal issues to ensure success. Further, Harbinger aligns business, marketing, information technology and other online channel influencers to provide a foundation for achieving the business vision. </p>

<p>Online strategies can include any combination of disciplines such as: e-business, internet, intranet, knowledge / document / records / content management, e-procurement, business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce. </p>

<h2> Online Projects </h2>
<p>Harbinger is an experienced and highly capable project and solution delivery group. We move companies beyond the initial business requirements and facilitate the delivery of projects. </p>

<p>Harbinger has a proven proficiency in blending together the disciplines required to achieve best in class online solutions, creating value that makes a difference to the performance of our clients’ online initiatives. </p>

<h2> Drupal Expertise </h2>
<p>Harbinger brings together the best skills and expertise in Australia to implement world-class Drupal Content Management Systems (CMS) and develop leading web applications. </p>
We prefer Drupal because:
• it is a powerful system that can support enterprises and small businesses
• it is an attractive easy-to-navigate website and CMS
• it has a simple development platform that equates to savings for our customers