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IMUNA: Model United Nations Program

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IMUNA.org is a large and well-established nonprofit currently affiliated with the United Nations. As the organizational infrastructure that supports and staffs three conferences, IMUNA provides institutional memory to ensure the continued substantive and logistical quality of the delegate experience. IMUNA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of 21 senior leaders: seven members-at-large (typically, former conference executives or educational innovators), a comptroller, a faculty liaison, and 12 ex-officio members (the current and previous year's Secretaries- and Directors-General of each conference).

Their new Drupal 6 website provided several functions the staff were managing manually:

  • 1. The ability to register online via check and credit card
  • 2. The ability to account for attendees
  • 3. Share a large database of information
  • 4. Provide access to many different teams and users
  • 5. Provide "classroom" space online for teachers
  • 6. Distribute assignments for the conference
  • 7. Coordinate and share a very complex country matrix